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Midwest Duct Works

We offer ductwork video inspection and cleaning of residential and commercial HVAC systems in the state of Iowa. We Clean Dryer Vents We remove & blow-in insulation. We eliminate Bad Odors, Mold, and Fire Remediation.

Our Services

✔  Air Duct Cleaning
  Dryer Vent Cleaning
✔  Chimney Cleaning and Repair
✔  Sanitizing
  Mold and Odor Removal
  Janitorial Cleaning
✔  Blown in Insulation

We Are Always Ready to Help!

We Offer Residential and Commercial Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Iowa and Southern MN.

 We use a video inspection system to evaluate your home’s ductwork. We look for dirt, debris, animal droppings, mold, moisture, and more to determine whether cleaning is needed to improve the quality of your home’s air:

  We Remove and Clean Register Covers
•  We Use a Rotating Brush to Scrub Clean the Inside of Your Ducts
  We Offer an EPA Registered Anti-Microbial Mist treatment to Kill Allergens and Bacteria

Your Dryer Vent Could Be A Fire Hazard

5 Warning Signs that it’s Time to Clean Your Clothes Dryer Vent.

1.  Drying time for clothes takes longer and longer
2.  Your clothing and the outside of the dryer are very hot.
3.  You notice a burning smell.
4.  The vent hood flap doesn’t open properly.
5.  It’s been longer than a year since your last inspection.